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chmer rv

rv gantry style linear motor wire edms

extraordinary performance

designed to handle large and very heavy workpieces, with the cutting precision afforded by high response linear motors and precision glass scales. the gantry style also has a very small footprint for a large travel wire edm.

the new rv series also incorporates a sliding front door that controls the water level as well as provides for easy loading of the large parts. it also features the new i8 power supply which in addition to lower power consumption, provides up to 20% faster cutting in thick workpieces (over 5” thick)..

the new rv series from chmer edm. an affordable precision solution to large wire edm applications.

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portable & intelligent

brand new "remote monitoring and m2m (machine to machine) system" providing all information using mobile devices, during your absence from the machine. experience the new intelligent machinery era of full portability management.

the core technology of intelligent information center can gather data from each machine and build the machining history, for instance: a customized data base of relative records of electricity, temperature and time by selecting the needed information in a specific time period.

under the intelligent information center, there are 4 developed management platforms for more easy and convenient use including the intelligent information center, passive website service, active communication software service and app monitoring system.

chmer rv linear motor wire edms

chmer rv linear motor wire edms

linear motor drive wire cut edm

in the process of development of the rv series, the use and experience of our customers are always leading us to a higher standard. under constant research and innovation, the 1st intelligent wire cut edm of chmer is presented with unprecedented intelligent technologies such as lot (internet of things), simulation, diagnose, spare parts life and factory management. it is the humanity that achieves perfection.

the quality and every angle of rv series are speaking for its craftsman, who cares for the combination of performance and aesthetics based on ergonomics.