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dust free graphite milling!

is it possible?

dust free graphite milling dust free edms

the solution to messy graphite milling

chmer and 乐鱼电竞下载 have a solution to the mess that comes withgraphite milling. yes, vacuums help, but tiny graphite particles go everywhere, as you know, like into your machine's precision ball screws and ways, your electronics, not to mention your eyes, nose and lungs. run your vacuum cleaner on a sunny day at home and see through the dust particles in the air, just how well the vacuum works.

our solution is the chmer oil shroud fordust free graphite milling. we completely surround the 30,000 rpm spindle with an oil shroud, or curtain, composed of 100% compatible edm oil, so there is no contamination of your edm oil. also, your milling cutters last longer, the electrode cutting detail is better as there is no chipping, and it is dust free! plus, when you redress a used electrode, was it not just soaking in edm oil?

if you would like to learn more about the chmer oil shroud for dust free graphite milling from 乐鱼电竞下载 , please call us today at888-289-3367. you can also reach out to one of our knowledgeable representatives with any questions by simply filling out the online request form on this page.

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innovative oil shroud technique

is this a radical new technique? the more we show this the more i hear from experienced operators who say that they have been soaking their electrodes in oil prior to milling for years to get these same benefits, but now you can also initially mill them dust free. as well as redress them dust free. and, you do not plug up your vacuum filters. our oil shroud captures all of the graphite particles in a 30 micron cartridge filter that is easily disposed of. no more mess with graphite dust.

did i mention that this is also the most affordable graphite mill in the market? complete systems starting at $129,500 including the oil shroud for dust free graphite milling and 30,000 rpm hske32 spindle, and a fanuc compatible intel processor. dust free graphite milling, a novel idea!

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you can also get in touch with one of our knowledgeable representatives with any questions you have by simplyfilling out the online request formabove.

affordable graphite milling

if dust free graphite milling sounds like something you need, call 乐鱼电竞下载 today at888-289-3367if you would like to find out more on chmr oil shroud.