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ea series compact gantry style linear motor drive

ea series

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linear motor drives
  • the chmer-built linear motors driven by panasonic drivers and glass scales, eliminate the backlash of ball screw drives. plus, there is no wear on the drive system, unlike ball screw drives. 
  • accurate positioning, better part definition on the first and subsequent passes and better, more consistent surface finishes, especially if combined with the standard acu fine finish circuitry, are all benefits of the linear motor drives.
no backseal design - better accuracy, lower maintenance
  • chmer's unique awt design with the slanted wire ejection tube eliminated the rear seal plate, thus reducing the drag usually associated on the lower arm as well as the maintenance required on this rear seal plate.  only chmer's patented awt design allows for these benefits!
chmer designed cnc control
  • utilizing the intel 586 industrial grade pc complete with the latest pentium processors ethernet port, usb port and rs232 serial port.  plus, flash ram (no hd) gives you the best pc hardware available.  in addition, the chmer written software (fanuctm based) allows for easy operator training. 
  • optional touch screen and optical mouse support, plus full windows are available.


5th generation awt system

  • chmer patented awt is the best in wire edm!  a truly unique "dry" awt allows wire to be threaded through very small start holes, less than .015" dia., as well as being able to rethread the wire through the kerf, under water, and on location in less than 10 seconds.
  • unlike the other threaders on the market, there is no need to drain the work tank, dry run back to start point, rethread the wire, dry run back to break point, refill the tank, then resume the cut.  time savings.  better reliability.  money saving!
modelunitea series gantry linear motor drive
axis travel(x×y×z) mm 400×250×200
auxiliary table travel(u×v) mm 60×60
max. size of workpiece mm 800×560×195
max. weight of workpiece kg 550
x y feed rate mm/min max. 1500
axis drive system -- x,y axis by linear motor; u,v,z axis by ac servo motor
wire diameter range(standard) mm 0.15-0.3(0.25) optional .1mm (.004")
max. wire feed rate mm/sec 300
wire tension gf 300-2500
taper angle -- ±14.5°/80mm wide angle nozzle
machine weight kg 2600
power supply unit
circuit system -- power mos transistor -- -- --
max. output current -- 25a -- -- --
ip select -- 10 -- -- --
off time system -- 50 -- -- --
tank capacity l 580
filter element -- paper
ion exchange resins l 14
conductivity control -- auto
fluid temperature control -- auto

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