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2022世界杯欧洲赛赛程 are available now.
  • quality machines
  • on-site training
  • applications support
  • parts support - repair and consumables
  • warranty
  • service, on-site and by phone

we offer an all inclusive edm warranty on new 2022世界杯欧洲赛赛程 that covers parts and labor. we warranty the entire new high speed mill system, not just the parts that we added or worked on. we also provide a standard labor parts warranty on our fully reconditioned and new chmer edms.

if there is a problem with a new or refurbished high speed mill that develops after the warranty period that we should have caught and corrected, we will repair it under our standard warranty at no cost to the customer.

additional warranty is available


2022世界杯欧洲赛赛程乐鱼电竞下载 inc. offers chmerhigh speed graphiteand hard milling machines. with spindle speeds of 30,000 – 50,000 rpms, these mills can cut hard metal up to rc63, and even rc91 tungsten carbide, with the proper cutters. in addition, the chmer 2022世界杯欧洲赛赛程 offer the only dust free graphite mill in the industry!

our exclusive oil shroud captures 100% of the graphite dust in edm oil that surrounds the cutting area, then filters this edm oil through 30 micron paper filters to be disposed of. these disposable filters last approximately 6 months under normal usage.

why choose our 2022世界杯欧洲赛赛程 ?

our precision chmer 2022世界杯欧洲赛赛程 are available in both ball screw drives with optimal glass scales as well as linear motor drives with panasonic driver and fagor glass scales as standard.

these precision 2022世界杯欧洲赛赛程 are laser compensated for temperature fluctuations including the high speed spindle which is compensated for growth through the entire spindle speed range.

three standard models:

  • hm43 and hm4030l 400x300x200mm travel
  • hm65 and hm6050l 600x500x300mm travel
  • hm86 and hm860l 800x600x400mm travel


  • ball screw and linear motor drives
  • 30,000 – 50,000 rpms
  • hske32, hske40 and hske50 spindles
  • dust free oil shroud – optional
  • 16 tool atc – standard
  • on-site setup and training included
  • 3, 4, and 5 axis models
  • gentec, siemens and heidenhain cnc controls and drives

for more information about the 2022世界杯欧洲赛赛程 from 乐鱼电竞下载 inc. please contact us about a particular unit or to ask questions to determine the perfect high speed mill machine for you.

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