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our promise

we don't just sell edms - we provide the entire package:
  • quality machines
  • on-site training
  • applications support
  • edm partssupport - repair and consumables
  • warranty
  • service, on-site and by phone

our all inclusive reconditioned edm warranty covers parts and labor. we warrant the entire reconditioned edm system, not just the parts that we added or worked on. we provide a standard labor parts warranty on our fully reconditioned edms.

if there is a problem with thereconditioned edmthat develops after the warranty period that we should have caught and corrected, we will repair it under our standard warranty at no cost to the customer.

our long term goal is repeat orders and positive referrals from our customers, so we tend to be very generous on our warranty time period. and, since we do our own circuit board repair and other electronic repair, our warranty and post warranty costs are lower than our competitors' and certainly lower than the new edm manufacturers.

additional warranty is available

reconditioned edms

2022世界杯赛程表时间北京 is the largest stocking distributor ofreconditioned edmsin north america, and now offers a complete line of2022年世界杯参赛球队and reconditioned edms.

we are not areconditioned edmbroker. we believe that in order to best represent our reconditionededm products, we must take possession of the reconditioned edm machines and certify them through our inspection and testing process as reconditioned edms. only then do we offer the reconditioned edms for resale. and, since we have rebuilt and thoroughly tested each reconditionededm machine, we offer the best warranty in the used business.

all of ourreconditioned edmsare offered complete with installation, training and warranty. we work closely with all new edm sales companies in the u.s. and most of the edm distributors.

if we do not have the edm machine you require, we will find it through our database of over 20,000 edm users and our exclusive 乐鱼电竞下载 of machine tool distributors throughout the u.s., europe and south america.

there are two key areas that separate us from the rest. that is, the condition of the reconditioned edm machines that arrive at your site, and the service we provide to make sure you are always satisfied with yourreconditioned edmpurchase.

at 乐鱼电竞下载 inc, service starts with our all inclusive warranty that covers parts and labor on reconditioned edms.

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